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Measuring range: Ø 30– 40 mm 

Linearity ± 2 μm, repeatability max. ± 2 μm.

High precision mechanics refined by high-tech electronics, ball bearing guided measuring shaft.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic housing! Water resistant (IP67), shock resistant. High-contrast display for precise readability even under difficult lighting conditions.

10 '000 increments per revolution (1mm), true measurement in 100 m steps!

All important functions can be selected directly with one key. Simple programming.

Preset memory in which the reference mass of the calibration ring can be pre-programmed. Measuring modes: Absolute (ABS) / Incremental (INC). Metric (mm) / Imperial (inch)

Data transmission directly over one button, radio module ~( 100m) or RS-232 Cable. Accessories: radio receiver, measuring PC, software, cable, radio module and radio module.

Ideal for extensions, simplified calibration.

Internal-Micrometer Digital 30-40mm

  • All of our internal micrometers are delivered in a matching case with factory certificate, user manual and screwdriver for the vernier ring.

  • You can find the technical description of our microtest system here

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