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For over 60 years, Microtest AG has been specializing in precision internal diameter measurement.

Drei unserer analogen 3-Punkt Innenmikrometer mit grossen Messwegen

Analog Internal-Micrometer

  • Innovative display for easy, error-free reading

  • Measurement range up to 1150mm diameter

  • Diameters from 30 – 400 mm with only 6 instruments

  • Extension up to 10m without compromising accuracy

  • Blind hole measurement to the bottom

Drei unserer digitalen 3-Punkt Innenmikrometer mit grossen Messwegen

Digitale Internal-Micrometer

  • High-contrast display for precise readability

  • IP67 protection, resistant to cooling water

  • Double ball-bearing measuring shaft with 10,000 increments

  • Data transfer via cable or wireless

  • Measurement modes: Absolute (ABS) / Incremental (INC). Metric (mm) / Imperial (Inch)

Unser modulares Innenmikrometer mit verschiedenen Aufsätzen

Modular Internal-Micrometer

  • Interchangeable Measuring Attachment System for Grooves, Spheres, Bores, Flanks

  • Customizable special attachments available

  • Measurement range from 40-50mm to 250-410mm

  • Data transfer via cable or wireless

  • P67 protection, resistant to cooling water

  • Double ball-bearing measuring shaft with 10,000 increments

  • Extension up to 10m without sacrificing accuracy

Eichringe, Verlängerungen, Funkübertragung und Zubehör für unsere Innenmikrometer


  • Extensions up to 10m

  • Tripods (stabilizer for extensions)

  • Calibration gauges

  • Cables and radio modules (data transfer)

  • Cases

The MICROTEST® Spindel-Measurement System


The new MICROTEST® Spindle Measurement System combines unprecedented measurement accuracy with a significantly expanded measurement range.


The temperature-compensated design allows highly accurate measurements even outside the standard temperature of 20°C. Material expansions of the workpiece and the measuring instrument are nearly completely compensated for.

Measurement Range

Our Micrometers have an exceptional large measurment range.

Depending on its size, a MICROTEST® can replace 2 to 8 conventional devices. This reduces costs and enhances flexibility in the workplace.

Full direct read-out


Reduce errors in readings with analog internal micrometers through our unique display system. Wireless or cable communication available with our digital models.

Angle Attachments and Extensions


These extensions can be combined up to 10 meters and beyond. The measurement remains as accurate as with a standard device, with no impact from temperature influences.



The extensive measurement range of our internal micrometers makes them economical and flexible.
⌀ 30- 400 mm in 6 Instruments, ⌀ 400 - 1150 mm in 3 Instruments

Drill holes up to 1150mm

Our internal micrometers are available for drill holes up to 1150mm.

Need something special? Contact us; we love challenges.

Microtest® products are used wherever
precision, reliability, and safety play a crucial role.

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