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Measuring range: Ø 90 – 140 mm 

Linearity: ± 1.5 μm, repeatability max. ± 1 μm.

High precision mechanics refined by high-tech electronics, ball bearing guided measuring shaft.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic housing! Water resistant (IP67), shock resistant

High-contrast display for precise readability even under difficult lighting conditions.

10 '000 increments per revolution (1mm), true measurement in 100 nm steps!

All important functions can be selected directly with one key. Simple programming.

Preset memory in which the reference mass of the calibration ring can be pre-programmed. Measuring modes: Absolute (ABS) / Incremental (INC). Metric (mm) / Imperial (inch)

Data transmission directly over one button, radio module ~( 100m) or RS-232 Cable. Accessories: radio receiver, measuring PC, software, cable and radio module.

Ideal for extensions, simplified calibration.

Internal-Micrometer Digital Gold 90-140mm

  • All of our internal micrometers are delivered in a matching case with factory certificate, user manual and a battery for our digital module

  • You can find the technical description of our microtest system here

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